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media 2.0 [how we monetize web 2.0]

October 22, 2008

Over the weekend was thinking about the media landscape overall [radio, print, tv, online] looking at where we are today and what is the logical evolution for each. The underlying theme for each media when it came to evolution was continued socialization of each medium. Which is a no brainer when you think about it. But it hit me that we are moving from Web 2.0 to Media 2.0.

This is a good thing. Its the first time that an online media approach has driven the other established platforms not just to take notice but strategically figure out how to integrate a online philosophy into their everyday approach and touch points with consumers.

Web 2.0 has always been criticized for its lack of an ability to generate revenue in-line with the innovation and enormous amounts of inventory they generate [see mayspace, facebook, youtube, twitter, etc]. But the approaches they have introduced to the marketplace are very consumer focused and bring people together around topics, relationships, passions, etc.

Well Media 2.0 will focus on the monetization of the Web 2.0 approach based one major observations from my end:

  • return on investment: in a tight economic period media companies well have to look for new ways to create potential growth revenue streams and most will look to reinvent what is currently working with consumers in the marketplace. Web 2.0 is still the prettiest girl at that party.

There is a lot more thought around this subject but my goal was just to get the conversations rolling because this will evolve into something bigger than anyone can conceptualize at this point. The interesting thing to me is that the one thing Web 2.0 could not do well will be the reason for Media 2.0 becoming the default user media experience…Monetization.

Media 2.0 = Web 2.0 + Monetization



the browser is next.

October 13, 2008

One of the fun things about my day-to-day is thinking about what is next? A a lot of factors play into the platform, device, medium, etc that will be next. The 4 main factors from my perspective are as follows:

  • innovation – take something people understand and make it better
  • mass reach – need eyeballs to prove that the innovation worked
  • performance – once advertiser bring their check books to the party you have to show consistent results for said advertisers
  • data – data is the most important piece because it allows you to improve your innovation but more importantly protect your market lead

Mobile has been thought of as the logical next step in the marketing frontier and we are a lot closer today than we were  6 months ago thx to att and apple. But the platform [3g] is not ready for primetime [anyone with an iphone has found this out the hard way] and we are at least 18-24 months away from have a consistent multi-media user experience over these devices. Which is needed in a user based marketing experience because today sms and tiny banner ads are not cool not even close. Not to mentioned the terrible mobile internet experience that most users have on their mobile device currently. So where does that leave innovation from a sense of reaching users with marketing messages where they spend their time.

Social media has been the ‘buzz word’ over the last year or two with the likes of wiki, youtube, facebook, twitter just to name a few. But what do all these have in common?

The browser. Its where users spend the most time online. So think of the possible innovations that can be introduced to that current experience?

  • communication – what if all your email accounts were tied to your browser
  • socialization – what if you never had to go to again but still had all the social tools at your finger tips in your sidebar
  • advanced search – what if your search results were based on your browsing habits + real user information
  • entertainment – what if all the content came to you in a single experience. One environment

…now think about the opportunity to create an amazing user controlled ad experience in this single environment. Think of it as an Advertising OS [AOS]. A consist ad experience for users no matter the brand or environment [bigger thought for another day] but think you get the point.

There are a ton of numbers out there reflecting how much user time is spent in the browser experience and they are all HUGE. Not to mention the fact the browser is due for an major update. To that point when Google launched ‘chrome’ we all wanted it to be different but it was just a simple version of the same shit.

When you look at who currently owns this space:

  • microsoft – 72% marketshare
  • mozilla – 19% marketshare
  • safari – 6% marketshare
  • the rest – what’s left % marketshare

The contenders:

Microsoft: You have to say microsoft could really do something ground breaking in this area. But not sure they even think this way. But if you take a sec and think about it they all most of it not all your contacts [outlook, entourage] so social and communication is covered, they have a decent search product [could be better] and they have the relationships to being real content to users.

problem: they cant seem to be able to do anything right at this point. And with out a mind like gates taking real interest in something like this it will go nowhere fast.

Mozilla: man these guys are already doing something about it. See local browser add on they just launched here:

problem: is they can’t close the communication and social loop without the help of others but with the open environment they play in it’s not out of the question.

The others: all the other miss one important piece of the puzzle…mass reach!

My bets are on a small company that figures it our from an application add-on approach that meets about 60-70% of the above and that innovation becomes the foundation for the next browser experience.

If nothing else its fun to think about.


update: 10.28.08 looks like microsoft was listening. lets see where they take this. see information on mircosoft releasing lite versions of the office suite and supporting other browsers as well.

via techcrunch here

the truth is amoung us.

March 31, 2008

with so much going on in the digital/online media industry and the potential economic collapse its seems time to get back to writing about the world we live in. my goal is to post once a day on the following issues:

1. creative in the digital space and what we can do to make it better

2. syndication of thought 

3. why mobile is the now not the future 

4. possible ways to extend ideas that are in the market place

5. current events and pop culture [stuff that is cool]

the above will  evolve for sure but wanted to try to keep myself focused on a few issues this time around. the fact is we see so much about this space in any given day that there needs to be some method to the madness. look for the post to start as soon as this afternoon.


franchasing of blog brands

March 27, 2007

ali j over at ‘everybody go to’ poses a very interesting question…can blog brands be franchised? the simple answer is yes. but i wanted to digg into why i think this is true. i worked for a major burger chain that was based on the franchise model and although it had its own craziness the model worked. the biggest problem with a franchise model is that usually the corporate office cant see eye-to-eye with the franchisee (on anything). and at my old place of employment this was a huge issues down to what type of bags were used. i believe the big reason for this disconnect between corporate and the franchisee are as follow:

  • market changes and franchisees stay the same
  • corporate does not communicate with franchisees
  • corporate wanting to much oversight of what franchisees do
  • not forming a partnership between corporate and franchisee

when a franchisee looks to get involved with a big chain the upfront cost are very high….the cost pay for:

  • leasing of land
  • product
  • marketing

the thing you have to love about the web is that all those things have very low cost of entry. as well you do not have to sign 10-20 year leases for web domains and severs while marketing is a google ad word away.

so let’s look at a brand like gigaom. om has built his network entirely on his brand. the great work he has done at business 2.0 to the latest site he launched newteevee. now i am a inspiring blogger and want to get off the ground pretty fast with out all the crap most people have to do to gain an audience. om could simply charge me a franchisee fee say 100 bucks a month plus 30% revenue generated from my blog. i in-turn get the marketing power of the gigaom network, hosting, url and some help with starting my blog. i not saying om let’s everyone in but if he feels you have talent why not. and just like any franchise agreement both parties can cancel the agreement if one party is not living up to their part. from om pov a blogger needs to grow their user base over time. from the blogger pov om needs to promote the new blog within the om network.

this model is very simple and very easy to monitor. the greatest implementation of the model is at hair salon and barber shops. if you are a barber you rent out a chair. it is up to you as the barber to make sure you client is satisfied and happy with the product you deliver. as for the owner of the shop they must make sure the work space is clean, stocked with the tools you need and they need to market the establishment.

i know this seems very simple and that’s because it is. that why I think franchising blog brands is a great idea.

check out the full ali j story here


twitter and message boards…a match made in tech heaven?

March 26, 2007

i have been hearing about twitter for a while now but just thought of a cool way it should be used. think about all the community forms/message boards that companies and users create to chat about products and subjects. a few weeks ago i saw twitter vision and wondered what would a message board look like with the twitter platform…and twitter vision is it or very close.

a message board with a twitter like platform would be very interactive and engaging. it allows takes the boring look and feel (fuglyness) out of current message boards and leverages web 2.ohh functionality. this would be great for a company like apple, nike, or nintendo which have tons of fanboys who already love to communicate online as is. just think…at the next apple launch instead of f5 every second on engadget we all can talk over ‘apple twitter vision’. just a thought.

check out twitter vision here



update: techcrunch is reporting that twitter is adding a few cool features to their api.  full story here 

video tagging to target

March 13, 2007

i have been working on a project that looks at using audio tagging to deliver targeted ads around video. the more i dive into it the more i realize that the tagging of video and how it is done is a huge undertaking. the major problem is the back log of all the video that has no tags and the lack of people who know how to tag videos in a way that advertisers can base their spending around keywords like they do for contextual ads currently.

first let me say some type of tagging will have to take place but i believe it will be at an higher level (i.e. sports, gaming, etc.) at least for now. i have realized once you get down to the clip level it almost impossible to handle currently because it is all subjective from one person to the next.

here is where the audio tagging idea came in but there is even a bigger problem there…yes i now know the words that are said but have no idea the visuals that go along with those words. i have an idea of what the visual may be but do i really want to put a fortune 500 advertiser in front of something i just have an idea about.  now you see my point.

so what is the solution: walled garden approach (for now). control your library and its video assets. this is where a company like youtube will fail unless they can build a library of assets that they can control and run through the ringer in order to give advertisers the type of tools they are looking for to target users. i am sure there is a long term solution that will involve visual and audio tagging tech that is applied to every video that is uploaded allowing for advertiser to come in and by keywords and certain visual elements. an example is if i am nike and i can buy the following tags for the launch of a new basketball shoe:


– basketball

– nba

– march madness

– slam dunk

– jordan

visual elements:

– basketball rim

– basketball court

– basketball

– basketball arena

– nba logo

– march madness logo

you get the idea.


widgets…i am sold

February 12, 2007

there is alot of talk out there about widgets and how they will be used in the 2.0/3.0 space. i still believe that 2.0 = distribution. with that said widgets are the wave of the future. you ask whats next…this is it. some will say it is now because of the myspace lovers out there with slide, photobucket, youtube (player), etc. but none of these take the community aspect into account.

a company i have been watching for about 2 months now seems to be getting it. vod pod has a video widget that is awesome. it allows you not only to upload your own videos but pick from a community of topics and producers you like. the wideget looks very cool and is screaming for some type of ad platform.

widgets could be the death of the portals and major websites alike when you think of the way the deliver content and the fact they can be placed anywhere. myspace has shown widgets could work and get a brand not scared tp take a chance and the dollars will roll in. just saying…i have seen crazier things.

check out vod pod video widget here:


marketers do not get the digital space…at all!

February 6, 2007

i just went to see the movie smoking aces like two weeks ago. the movie was action packed with a ton of cool actors. after watching the movie it hit me that they had all the assets to create a killer digital marketing program. so i went to the site and man did they blow it. this site sucks…and i mean sucks. you have fucking jeremy piven on set for what 2-3 months and you cant think of one cool thing to do in the digital space. the guy was playing a coke head…enough said. i have had a chance to do some very cool things in this space and it kills me when an brand who has the assets and coolness to really grab the digital space by the balls and hit a homerun…just does nothing.

the problem is this happens all the time. marketing types dont get it. i live in new york and i talk with agency people all the time and they have know idea how to use this space at all. digital marketing is all about innovation, passion, being first, engaging the audience and willingness to fail. most people and digital plans i run into only get the last one right. and the funny part is that is the most important piece. but their willingness to fails means telling their boss hey we built a myspace page and put the video up on youtube….we can’t make people go there.

when i say willingness to fail i mean go all out and if it turns to a sack of crap, oh well. i once built a micro site (this was 2 years ago and if you are still building microsites this post is for you) for 200k or maybe a little more that i took down within a month or so because it did not catch on with the audience. i walked into the vp of marketing offices and said ‘ hey i am taking down the site’…and he looked at me like i had just punched him in the face. the thing is if its not working why keep it up? move on and develop the next thing. do not (i not) spend your time and money on keeping some project up and running if it sucks. this space moves to fast and you need to keep up with it.

the best advice i ever got was from the cmo i used to work for…he always said ‘fail fast’ and in this business you have to take that to heart.

i know i will touch on this topic a ton on this blog so i will not get on my soap box today. one thing the smoking aces folks did that could have been cool was allow a user to embed the trailer on your site. to bad youtube was a year ahead on them on that one.


great marketing

February 1, 2007

i do not know if you have seen what is going on is boston at all but this interview is great stuff. these guys came up with a great idea and it turned out to be too good. i love the way the play the press…1) press is dumb 2) fox press is even dumber 3) it was a fucking joke people get a grip.

check out the guys who pulled off the stunt give the press the business when they got released from jail. is it just me or does fox seem to be going after these guys because of the ties they have with turner. just throwing that out there.