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twitter and message boards…a match made in tech heaven?

March 26, 2007

i have been hearing about twitter for a while now but just thought of a cool way it should be used. think about all the community forms/message boards that companies and users create to chat about products and subjects. a few weeks ago i saw twitter vision and wondered what would a message board look like with the twitter platform…and twitter vision is it or very close.

a message board with a twitter like platform would be very interactive and engaging. it allows takes the boring look and feel (fuglyness) out of current message boards and leverages web 2.ohh functionality. this would be great for a company like apple, nike, or nintendo which have tons of fanboys who already love to communicate online as is. just think…at the next apple launch instead of f5 every second on engadget we all can talk over ‘apple twitter vision’. just a thought.

check out twitter vision here



update: techcrunch is reporting that twitter is adding a few cool features to their api.  full story here 


instant messaging over mobile phones

January 22, 2007

i love using im to communicate with friends and co-workers. i also love txt messaging as a form of communication when talking to friends and co-workers. it would seem to me that these two very similar processes would be seamless from pc to mobile phone but man are they years apart.

have you ever tried doing im over your mobile phone…it sucks! its not instant massaging that’s for sure. so here is the challenge: make a mobile im platform that brings the usability of true im and the simplicity of txt messaging. anyone up for the task?