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game consoles are extinct…

March 31, 2008

..ok maybe not today. with the launch of one of the most anticipated games in a while hitting the streets on 4.29 [for those non-gamers grand theft auto 4] the console business will not disappear tomorrow. but the thought of console extinction is not very far off from the the realm possibility.

take a look at this post on gizmodo hereĀ 

my thought is that from a user pov this is the way gaming should work. online store, communities, instant updates all based on web application like principles. when you look at the console [hardware] business there is not a ton of profit in the business model. its more a loss leader for xbox and playstation to sale more software [games]. while nintendo is profitable you have to think their bottom line revenue would increase if they did not have to worry about the production cost that comes along with producing consoles.

so whats my solution you ask? the gaming companies should think of themselves as intel. its all about the chip. they produce chips that can be installed in any device [cable box, tv, computers, mobile phones,etc.] and allows consumers to purchase the device that is right for them and engage in the software [games] from there. now this does create other issues that would need to be fleshed out a bit more but look at the asian mobile device market…pick your device and go from there.

build the software [game] to fit all screen sizes and let the consumer choose the device thats right for them. some will argue developers need standards [as adam mentions in the post] but if we are honest we all see a standard developing in front of our eyes for user interface and it is touch screen. at this point does the standard even matter anymore.

not one to say any tech is going to go away [there is a reason you can still get a vcr at walmart for 19.99] but this seems logical from both the corporate and consumer standpoint. the question is bandwidth but that will be answered sooner than later.



the new gaming

January 22, 2007

i just played the wii last week and realized where gaming is going. to help you understand let me tell you about my experience with the wii. so me and a few buddies sat around and played the wii sports package for hours and hours. a few packs of beer and two days later we finally had a winner in the golf tournament.

you talk about intense. i think i sweat more playing the wii then i have in the last 3-4 months. the interactivity with my buddies while playing the game was amazing. you get so involved in playing the game you forget you are in a nyc size apartment with 2×2 feet to actually move around in. the big thing the wii is missing is the on-line gaming (xbox live) capabilities. i realized after my friends left i felt like an idiot playing the wii by myself.

so this leads me to my next thought. when gaming was introduced and for the longest time after that it was a task one did by a single person to past the time. the next gen gaming will be all about community and activity. i think we have all heard the community argument but no one has talked about activity. in other words it great that i can connect with all these other gamers but you have to give us something to do. i have to believe that just playing console games is the tip of the iceberg. and that is where the wii comes in. why go to the gym (outside for that matter) when you can exercise with friends from around the world while just playing a game from the comfort of your living room. and why stop it at exercising? think second life!?! can i have a date on the wii? why not? create an avatar and meet other single people from around the world and create the perfect blind date. once again why put yourself through the pain of dating when you can qualify your potential mate through virtual dating through a gaming console.

i know that may seems very unlikely but believe me…just play the wii and you will see what i mean.