i am a walking intellectual property…how do i protect myself?

this is more of a question than a post.   i think someone needs to develop a creative common license for ideas. think of all the copyright laws in the world and how you as a employee have no rights over the intellectual properties you develop.  i know what everyone is going to say…they pay you.  ok i get that but record labels pay artist and movie studios pay directors and screenplay writers but the still get credit for their work.  all the labels and studios due is add distribution to the great ip that an artist has developed.

why cant corporations act like labels and studios?  if you develop an idea you should get all the credit…why not?  the corporation will still make tons of cash off the distribution…correct? i would like to see the next apple product say designed by jonathan ive (or who ever) distributed by apple.  apple is nothing without design just like most companies are nothing without their great thinkers.  they should start to give credit where credit is due.



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