franchasing of blog brands

ali j over at ‘everybody go to’ poses a very interesting question…can blog brands be franchised? the simple answer is yes. but i wanted to digg into why i think this is true. i worked for a major burger chain that was based on the franchise model and although it had its own craziness the model worked. the biggest problem with a franchise model is that usually the corporate office cant see eye-to-eye with the franchisee (on anything). and at my old place of employment this was a huge issues down to what type of bags were used. i believe the big reason for this disconnect between corporate and the franchisee are as follow:

  • market changes and franchisees stay the same
  • corporate does not communicate with franchisees
  • corporate wanting to much oversight of what franchisees do
  • not forming a partnership between corporate and franchisee

when a franchisee looks to get involved with a big chain the upfront cost are very high….the cost pay for:

  • leasing of land
  • product
  • marketing

the thing you have to love about the web is that all those things have very low cost of entry. as well you do not have to sign 10-20 year leases for web domains and severs while marketing is a google ad word away.

so let’s look at a brand like gigaom. om has built his network entirely on his brand. the great work he has done at business 2.0 to the latest site he launched newteevee. now i am a inspiring blogger and want to get off the ground pretty fast with out all the crap most people have to do to gain an audience. om could simply charge me a franchisee fee say 100 bucks a month plus 30% revenue generated from my blog. i in-turn get the marketing power of the gigaom network, hosting, url and some help with starting my blog. i not saying om let’s everyone in but if he feels you have talent why not. and just like any franchise agreement both parties can cancel the agreement if one party is not living up to their part. from om pov a blogger needs to grow their user base over time. from the blogger pov om needs to promote the new blog within the om network.

this model is very simple and very easy to monitor. the greatest implementation of the model is at hair salon and barber shops. if you are a barber you rent out a chair. it is up to you as the barber to make sure you client is satisfied and happy with the product you deliver. as for the owner of the shop they must make sure the work space is clean, stocked with the tools you need and they need to market the establishment.

i know this seems very simple and that’s because it is. that why I think franchising blog brands is a great idea.

check out the full ali j story here



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