marketers do not get the digital space…at all!

i just went to see the movie smoking aces like two weeks ago. the movie was action packed with a ton of cool actors. after watching the movie it hit me that they had all the assets to create a killer digital marketing program. so i went to the site and man did they blow it. this site sucks…and i mean sucks. you have fucking jeremy piven on set for what 2-3 months and you cant think of one cool thing to do in the digital space. the guy was playing a coke head…enough said. i have had a chance to do some very cool things in this space and it kills me when an brand who has the assets and coolness to really grab the digital space by the balls and hit a homerun…just does nothing.

the problem is this happens all the time. marketing types dont get it. i live in new york and i talk with agency people all the time and they have know idea how to use this space at all. digital marketing is all about innovation, passion, being first, engaging the audience and willingness to fail. most people and digital plans i run into only get the last one right. and the funny part is that is the most important piece. but their willingness to fails means telling their boss hey we built a myspace page and put the video up on youtube….we can’t make people go there.

when i say willingness to fail i mean go all out and if it turns to a sack of crap, oh well. i once built a micro site (this was 2 years ago and if you are still building microsites this post is for you) for 200k or maybe a little more that i took down within a month or so because it did not catch on with the audience. i walked into the vp of marketing offices and said ‘ hey i am taking down the site’…and he looked at me like i had just punched him in the face. the thing is if its not working why keep it up? move on and develop the next thing. do not (i not) spend your time and money on keeping some project up and running if it sucks. this space moves to fast and you need to keep up with it.

the best advice i ever got was from the cmo i used to work for…he always said ‘fail fast’ and in this business you have to take that to heart.

i know i will touch on this topic a ton on this blog so i will not get on my soap box today. one thing the smoking aces folks did that could have been cool was allow a user to embed the trailer on your site. to bad youtube was a year ahead on them on that one.



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