very interesting point by mark cuban

i just read a post by mark cuban that made me think…are we really ready for the changes that are about to come. i am ready to throw away my cable-box (ugly thing btw) for a apple tv, sling catcher, etc. but what am i really asking for? with the development and uptake of iptv, vod, youtube, etc….i guess i am asking for more control? right? well i think about my viewing habits today…channel after channel, horrible show after horrible show. do i really want more of that? here is what i think i want (i think). some-type of system that allows me to get all the content from every medium (tv, online, radio) and yes i did include radio and why not. this is what the boys in the valley are looking to deliverer to me but here is the huge problem i think i may have once this happens…how in the hell do i find what i like out of all that. go to every site (that is wrost then channel surffering)

my thought on this is very simple…we will not move very far away from the viewing habits we have in place today once this “distribution age’ takes place. a few new media network like companies will pop up but in the web 2.0 world all we are getting is additional distribution but not a sensible way to engage users with these additional outlets and content that make sense.

which leads me back to cuban’s post. he talks about existing users interfaces that are already accepted and how we all are over looking that it may not be TV on PC but PC on TV. very interesting take.


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