entering the blog world

i just started this blog a few days ago and man there is so much stuff you need to do in order to get a blog up an running right. which lead me to trusty google to find some help on a few things. well what i found is that there is no place for a beginning bloger like my self to get the a,b,c’s of blogging. which i guess right now is fine seeing that not having rules on how and what to do is what kind of makes it cool. but there are a few simple things i want to do…for instance:

1. add the mybloglog widget to my blog

  • i dont understand how when i sign up for mybloglog they can pull all my information over but not have an automated way to add their widget to my blog? you can get all my other information from me just typing a simple url…now all you have to do is add the widget when i click the button. once you click on the button it gives you the embed code, which is fine, but just seems as easy to add the widget to my widget selection section on wordpress. i should be able to sign up for mybloglog and click back over to wordpress and see it there. any one with some experience in mybloglog recent reader widget…PLEASE HELP. (p.s. it may have been a seamless process before that got bought by yahoo. and we all know how great they have been over the last year or so)

2. what does technorati really do?

  • so i saw i had gotten a few hits from technorati (and i mean a few). so i went to sign up for it thinking well at a min i can somehow continue to attract more readers to check out my blog and so on. well i started signing up and i get its a community of bloger (that was easy) but the question i was left with is how do i tap into this community? i kind of get it…make friends by reading other blogs you like and then direct that person and their readers to your blog. but that seems so 1800’s doesn’t it? so, here is what i think it should be:
    • all meta tagged based – as a user signs up they are asked a series of questions about their blog and what they are looking for
    • as the user answers these questions they are put into a catagory with like-minded people
    • as a user/publisher you can then sign up for a program that allows other bloggers reach out to you and your readers
    • now that you have a set community to market to and build your audience…that is when the fun starts
    • there would be a marketplace for true marketing and of course there needs to be almost a cpc like model in place for those who send you new visitors (could be a bidding process as well)
    • but there could also be a free model – think link swap

i am not saying i am more interesting than cuban, fred wilson or pincus but if i had some type of blogger advertising/marketing marketplace that would be nice. think of it this way…i am launching a new show on this network called ‘internet’ and all i ask for is a chance to market my show to a target audience who already has interest in the show i just developed. not really meant for the outside world at this point but more of bloggers to help each other. just a thought.



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